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Throughout the course of one’s childhood, many of us had things that we dreamed of doing as adults. Some of us wanted to pursue many professions and passions such as being doctors, lawyers, athletes and musicians, On the other side of that coin, many of us, once we get to adulthood, we tend to give up on those aspirations. We’ll make up excuses, be intimidated by the amount of hard work it may take for success in those areas of interests, or even swayed away from pursuing those things that bring us joy, after basing their own potential success on the lack of success of someone else who is in pursuit of the same dreams.

By the way, hello! I’m Sean. Nice to meet you too, and please, let me tell you about how all of the above (and a little more) happened with me, and how I felt that I all but wasted the last 14 years of my life in the professional sense, at least.

Let’s go  back to about… oh, 2009. 5 years removed from coming back to my home state of Delaware from attending college in New Jersey. Up until this point in my life, I was very much a guy who loved to draw cartoons and write short stories. (one of those said stories would end up being an idea for a novel, which I’m currently very slowly working on). I saw so many of my friends who were pursuing creative careers, while ending up being unsuccessful and discouraged for a variety of reasons. Honestly, seeing my friends struggling to break into the industry that I love scared the hell out of me. So, out of that fear, I barely picked up my pen (but, picked it up enough to eventually start my old blog, thetunstalltimes.wordpress.com), and laid down the very pencils I used to draw my cartoon landscapes, animals, and people. Over the years, I tried to fill the void left from quitting my favorite pastime by venturing into a variety of career choices (mostly retail). As of right now, i have been working for (insert telecommunications company here) for the past 3 years. Every now and then, I would feel the urge to pick up my pencil and Prismacolor markers, but unfortunately, never succumbing to it. I even let my most recent ex-girlfriend talk me into going into a trade, knowing damn well what I really wanted to do with my life. The trade? Electrician– the most DANGEROUS OF ALL OF THE TRADES.

Months later (after me and and said ex split up, cause, long distance relationships are hard) I’m actually sitting in adult trade school sitting in class on the last day of the fall semester (my first semester) thinking about why I wanted to be an electrician– when it hit me! It dawned on me that I had absolutely no desire to work in any of the trades, let alone, be an electrician. I only explored that venture to try to please a woman, who I didn’t end up staying with anyway. I was unhappy with the direction that I put myself in, realizing that I was still avoiding my true calling; Creating. Creating well-crafted stories, pieces of art that inspire, entertain, amuse, or, have something to say. I want to entertain with my own brand of wit and charm with blog articles like the one you’re reading right now! Maybe even *gasp* a podcast?

My advice to anyone stuck in a similar rut in life: DO NOT LET ANYONE STEER YOU AWAY FROM WHAT YOU DESIRE TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE. If you found a calling or profession that you really love, that you really have a passion for, and you’ve done all of the research to know what it takes to make it in that thing that you love, go for it! Do the work, it’ll be hard sometimes. It’ll be a bitch. However, if you love what you’re doing it won’t feel like work to you anyway. No matter how old you are, whoever’s reading this, it’s never to make your success happen.

As for me, remember those pencils I laid down? I dusted them off, picked them back up, and plan to never put them down again. 🙂






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  1. You should have called me,I would have told you not to let other people dictate who you should be.sevond long distance relationship never work out. Some body has to care enough to move for the other or its not really
    love.if you truly are a geek own it.now go out and write,draw,and publish something.my friends son self publishs at Amazon.make me proud

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