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Two things:

I hope that you all had a very safe, and very peaceful holiday season.

And… I was planning on writing a message about how much of the past year has really brought us all through the ringer in various degrees, but, you already know how bad 2020 was.


Reflecting on my life in the past year it hasn’t been neither good or bad… just weird. I had a total of three occupations this year…going from working in a hospital, to delivering packages, to delivering food. Outside of employment woes, I made connections with quite a few people on the world wide web, and re-connected with old friends (safely of course, we are in a pandemic). I honestly tried to make the most of this crazy year… mostly made crazy by the Coronavirus pandemic that we are still in, though in some parts of the country it would be hard to tell due to the overwhelming amount of people who never take any precautions to reduce risk or protect themselves from said virus.


Also in 2020, the fight for social justice and equality has seemed to rage harder than ever before with the protests against police brutality  in the wake of the heinous murders of Minnesota native George Floyd and Louisville, Kentucky EMT Brionna Taylor. I actually attended a couple of the protests myself

There was a little bit of good though, with more people enjoying streaming services than ever before, drive-ins are slowly becoming a thing again, professional sports leagues are finding creative ways to adapt their presentation given being in the midst of the pandemic, and working parents actually get to spend more of the much-needed time with their children.


I wish I could come up with more to say about the past year, but I’m glad it’s over, I’m glad I made it through, and I’m glad you did too.

I hope that 2021 at least, ends better than it has apparently started.








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