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A couple of days ago, the world finally got to see a glimpse of the sequel to, in my opinion, the best of all of the current wave of DC Comics films, Wonder Woman, in Wonder Woman 1984. This installment shows Gal Gadot (Keeping Up with the Joneses) returning as Diana of Themyscira (70 years after the events of the first film!) trying to live a good life during the decade of excess, the 1980’s. Given my excitement for this upcoming movie, here’s my breakdown of key moments from this colorful and nostalgic trailer.



(0:18) Diana is having a conversation with a friend (that friend being Barbara “I’m- gonna-be-Cheetah-soon” Minerva, played by Kristin Wig) about lovey-dovey stuff. I’m pretty sure that Diana is thinking about her long-deceased love, Steve Trevor.

(0:19) Logos in neon and New Order’s Blue Monday blasting in the background. Audibly, whenever I think of 80’s that’s one of first songs that pops in my head.

(0:24) Just in case you quickly forgot when this movie is gonna take place…

(0:28) You work that red carpet, Diana!

(0:32) What the hell is this place called? Hmm…. Oh yeah, A MALL.

(0:36) Run for your lives!!

(0:39) Platform (battle) heels.

(0:41) This guy dressed like a televangelist is Maxwell Lord, a key DC Comics character who was seemingly a kind, rich philanthropist… until it turned out he was doing evil shit. I’ll bet my paycheck he’ll be up to no good in this movie.

(0:47) Oh cool! That “Amazonian floor slide” from the first film makes it’s return.

(0:55) That sounds an awful lot like Chris Pine…

(0:59) Oooooh! Somebody gave Diana a shiny Seiko watch (those things were a big deal back in those days, kids).

(1:04) That IS Chris Pine!

(1:11) Maxwell Lord loooooooves his crystals.

(1:15) Something’s poppin’ off in these D.C. streets…

(1:21) *ting ting* Wonder Woman’s signature move.

(1:28) Kristin Wig killin’ it with the Cheetah-ish dress

(1:21) Steve and Diana went from making figurative fireworks in the first movie, to watching real ones go off from a… fighter jet?

(1:44) Peter Parker, eat your heart out.

(1:50) I get a KICK out of this shot… every time.

(2:01) Make like Metallica and Ride The Lightning.

(2:05) The Gold Standard.

(2:18) This is the most stylish trash-receptacle this pilot’s ever seen.


To say I’m hyped for this movie is pretty much an understatement. Everything this trailer shows looks — ahem — Wonderful to me. Although I hope that after this film, Hollywood can chill with the 80’s nostalgia for a long time.


Wonder Woman 1984 releases on June 5, 2020.



Photo cred: Warner Bros.










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