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Hey everyone! Yes, I know, I know, it’s been a few months since my last entry, which was before I obtained my own domain name and truly made this site my own (the wordpress.com part has been dropped!) but I’ve been busy trying to live my best blerd (Black + Nerd = Blerd) life. From conventions, to exhibits and even the surprisingly fascinating nightlife of a southern city (not Atlanta, y’all), this summer has been full of blerdy goodness. Here’s a quick update as to what I did all summer. You’re probably saying “Umm, Sean, it’s like the middle of fall. Is there even a point to talking about your summer?” True as that may be, just go with it please?


Living Out Some California Dreams

My summer started off with me visiting, what I would consider, one of the holy trinity of nerdy conventions — the Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as E3 in Los Angeles. Though I missed Microsoft and EA’s press conferences (one of which had the now legendary reveal of Keanu Reeves’ role in developer CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077), I still enjoyed all of the sights and sounds the convention had to offer over the course of three days, particularly the various game demos I either got to play (Final Fantasy VII: Remake = OMG), or watch (i.e. stealth gameplay demo of the previously mentioned Cyberpunk 2077). I was also impressed by the craftsmanship of many of the cosplayers I met along the way. Aside fro the convention, I got to enjoy the nightlife of Hollywood Boulevard which included having dinner with an old friend at a Star Wars/sci-fi themed bar and restaurant called Scum and Villainy Cantina. It nearly looked like the Mos Eisley Cantina in Star Wars: A New Hope, but not enough to get sued for copyright, which, in hindsight, makes me happy.


Marvelously Funny

The month that followed my Los Angeles E3 trip, I did quite a few things in my birthplace of Philadelphia, PA. Namely, a trip to the Franklin Institute’s Marvel Comics exhibit, where I saw many restored pages of old Marvel books, props and costumes from different movies (Marvel Studios along with the Sony Spider-Man, and even the Fox X-Men films), and I even punched the Hulk in the face! (Really, I pretended to punch a statue of Hulk, but the first part sounded cool right?)

A couple of weeks later I saw two comedy shows in Philly, one of which featured my favorite actor, comedian and Master blackspert Amanda Seales with her game show-styled Smart, Funny, and Black (which included special guest comedians Tu’Rae and The Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood, Jr.). The other show, which a date and I attended, featured an increasingly famous, brilliant and ginger Scotsman named Daniel Sloss, whom you might have seen on his various Netflix specials. Look for him on his HBO special, X.


The Secret of Printer’s Alley

In August, I found myself on another date, but this time, it was a weekend in Louisville, Kentucky. Nothing real exciting about that town, however, it is two hours away from Nashville, Tennessee. Now, I’m not real big on country, so outside of The Grand Ol’ Opry concert venue (as in the gigantic, much newer one, the much more historic and more interesting Grand Ol’ Opry has been closed), there wasn’t much to interest me… during the day.

However, downtown Nashville after 9pm, was, what the kids say, lit. I was very impressed by the nightlife, particularly in the Printer’s Alley area. We were drawn to a clothing store called All Saints by a woman nicknamed “AlliCat”. It seemed like your normal, small, high fashion clothing store. However, the back wall opened up to reveal a swanky nightclub of sorts in the back, with strobe lights and bottle service abound. The club is called Dirty Little Secret, and I highly recommend you look for it, and check out if you are ever in Nashville.


In short, my friends, I have been busy. But now, I’m back to work. As in digital work.








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